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Business can be risky and the stakes are higher than ever. Surescape was born out of a clear request from owners of companies searching for a bonding/insurance firm offering something different. Our clients demand a team that works side by side with them to help solve real day-to-day problems. They are not interested in soft peddling and disclaimers.  They want straight talk and effective, efficient solutions and advice. 


The explosion of information and risk-shifting strategies has raised the stakes of doing business.  Great opportunities exist, even in weak economies, for those who best take and manage these increased risks. We thrive on helping discover revenue opportunities for our clients and addressing risks in a proactive and low cost manner. 


For risks best managed with insurance, Surescape has access to industry leading products and the most competitive carriers. We partner with the leading insurance and surety companies to offer a full range of surety products, property and casualty insurance, in addition to other commercial insurance products such as auto, inland marine, umbrella, workers compensation and professional liability. Our goal is to become a trusted business advisor by devoting ourselves to knowing your industry and its unique challenges then going beyond just selling insurance policies.  Surescape offers frank, no-nonsense and well-researched advice 24/7. We focus on managing risk, increasing your revenues, decreasing your costs and protecting your hard earned net worth.  Our clients say we have a passion and commitment they have not seen with other firms.  We stay awake at night analyzing and strategizing just like you. 


Starting in 2011 our insurance arm will be based out of the CRS Insurance Brokerage office in Denver, Colorado and our surety bonding arm will be based out of the Surescape office in Littleton, Colorado.  Our investment in CRS increased our ability to deliver industry leading insurance and risk management products, services and increased expertise to address the unique needs and risks of your business. You can learn more about CRS at www.crsdenver.com.


We look forward to learning more about the unique factors driving your business and bringing surety, risk management and insurance solutions to increase your success and satisfaction.