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Surescape brings strong expertise to the surety bonding process. Increased bonding capacity enables businesses to expand and increase revenues. We excel in structuring bonding for unique, high profit contract opportunities, while minimizing risk for both contractor and surety. Our clients expect immediate responses around the clock. We discreetly and swiftly arrange surety programs with the top bonding companies in the world. Our clients expect more than just passing documents back and forth between surety and contractor, including:


  • Maximizing bond capacity/revenues by using customized reports to supplement CPA statements
  • Review of and suggestions for revised contract language
  • Strong network of developers, owners, and other business leaders to help clients get in the door on negotiated work
  • Strong CPA, Attorney, Banking and Investor connections
  • Business plan development
  • Training/Education of Staff
  • Negotiating bank lines of credit and other private capital when needed
  • Alternatives to bonding to give clients an upper hand on their competition in acquiring more work
  • Placement of non-contract bonds (lien release, court, etc.) without tying up contract bond capacity
  • Deep knowledge and passion about the business engine and industry of our clients

Having the right professionals on your team can literally make millions of dollars difference in the wealth you accumulate and the satisfaction you enjoy in the process. Some of our routinely used forms are available for download below.


Download Bond Form


Download Performance and Payment Bond Request Form


Download Personal Financial Statement Form


Download Questonaire Form


Download Work in Progress Form