Surescape Honua Kai Project

Honua Kai - Condos & Resort
Bonded in 2010 - $812M

Surescape Montelago Project

Montelago - Condos & Resort
Bonded in 2003 - $220M

Surescape Hoover Dam Project

Hoover Dam - Bypass Bridge Foundations
Bonded in 2009 - $8M

Surescape Ski Dubai Project

Ski Dubai - Indoor Slope
Bonded in 2005 - $110M

Surescape Arrabelle Project

Arrabelle at Vail Square - Condos & Resort
Bonded in 2008 - $205M

Surescape Cabletren Project

Cabletren Bolivario - People Movers
Bonded in 2013 - $229M

Surescape SLC Airport Project

SLC Airport Expansion - Mechanical
Bonded Presently - $220M

Surescape Indian Mesa Project

Indian Mesa Wind Farm - Wind Turbines
Bonded in 2001 - $76M

Surescape Mommoth Lakes Project

Mammoth Lakes Resort - Condos
Bonded in 2004 - $175M

Surescape Denver Airport Project

Denver Airport - Passenger Bridges
Bonded in 1995 - $106M

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About Surescape

Specialized Support of Bonds & Insurance for Construction Projects


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Total Bonding

Surescape was founded to focus on the bonding and insurance needs of construction companies. As an independent Surety and Construction Insurance agency we provide Bonding, SDI, General Liability, builder's risk, Wrap OCIP/CCIP, Equipment & Inland Marine, Pollution/Professional Liability, Auto/Fleet, and Property Insurance. We value our clients, and as such we are one of the highest regarded and fastest growing agencies in the southwest region. We have broad access to the top insurance carriers and their resources, nationwide. The wealth of knowledge and experience on our staff and resources can make a dedicated difference for your construction business.

Our Services

Surescape specializes in delivering bonding and insurance services based on accurate evaluations and analysis. This attention to detail ensures our clients always receive the ideal contracts and coverage which meets both business and financial goals.

Surescape Queensferry Crossing Project
Surety Bonds

We have developed long-term partnerships with our Surety clients, delivering the needed funding for over 750+ projects annually. Surescape accomplishes this by providing reliable insight, support, and project coordination which lead to timely valid and complete contracts.

Surescape Stapleton Project
Construction Insurance

We understand the many risks inherent in the construction industry, and the essential value of materials and equipment which are vital to maintaining business operations. Surescape helps you protect these assets from unexpected events such as theft, damage, or site injuries.

Surescape Building Construction Project

Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) is a critical first party insurance designed to protect vital business interests from costs incurred by the default of a subcontractor. Surescape understands these vital industry relationships and fashions solutions to minimize our client's risk.

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Our Insurance Partners

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